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"Dave's work has added tremendous value and confidence to our business practices whilst strengthening our relationships with our suppliers and agents alike."

Matt Berna, President, PEAK DMC North America

Vendor Management

While your business and its personnel may be conscientious and engaged in  risk management, can you ensure that the vendors to whom you entrust with your clients are equally as capable? These vendors are perceived as a direct extension of your business in the courts of law, which obligates you to ensure they are acting responsibly.

Implementing a well-written Vendor Management Plan can extend your risk management safety net to organizations that fall outside your control but are depended upon to fulfill business obligations.

Resilient Solutions is advancing our industry through the development and fulfillment of Vendor Management programs. We can:​

  • Assess your needs and vulnerabilities without bias
  • Structure vendor audits and safety inspections
  • Establish ‘Standard of Practice’ guidelines
  • Customize safety inspection forms
  • Create a functioning vendor database
  • Perform vendor audits
  • Deliver a robust & tailored service contract