Onsite Support and Training

“Dave recently held a series of Crisis Management exercises at our annual operations conference. He diligently worked our teams through a range of low to high risk situations with a series of real-life scenarios that were relevant to our daily business. Our teams worked and learned in a positive and engaging environment, and ranked the sessions as some of the most valuable of the entire week...This should be part of any business' safety training."

Matt Berna, President, PEAK DMC North America

We have experience with: 

Tour Operators
Activity Suppliers
Transportation Providers
Youth Camps
Domestic & International Businesses

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Well-developed plans perform only as expected when they are implemented successfully throughout the organization. Resilient Solutions can educate your teams virtually through webinars or travel to your location and present customized training sessions. Emergency planning can be tested through table-top or full-scale exercises that utilize "everyday events" to reinforce plan implementation and escalation procedures. Participants are always encouraged to ask questions and work collaboratively to strengthen individual and team capabilities. Feedback forms provide immediate insight into the improved state of responder confidence and plan effectiveness. ​

Resilient Solutions offers ongoing or stand-alone training and educational workshops that are tailored to fit your needs through: 

  • Customized webinars
  • Keynote presentations
  • In-person training & educational seminars
  • Quarterly Newsletters & white papers
  • Executive and Committee consultation​