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An accident involving your personnel or customers can have devastating consequences to financial stability, brand reputation, and business longevity regardless of who’s at fault. A well-written emergency plan allows you to be proactive in managing a crisis and ensures all aspects are addressed. Resilient Solutions designs our response framework from a modified version of the Incident Command System utilized by fire, police, and medical responders. This coordination greatly improves the effectiveness of public agency support, which is relied upon for significant events. Without this approach, businesses will quickly lose control and react wrongly to the surrounding chaos.

Resilient Solutions creates Emergency Management Plans that secure human safety, isolate the event, protect against litigation, and improve communication flows. 

Our Emergency Management Plans will:

  • Identify gaps in organizational culture
  • Improve responder capabilities
  • Increase personnel confidence
  • Provide an effective tool for evaluating past incidents in preparation for future ones

Emergency Management

"Having an outside consultant analyze our incident response procedures has really shown us how we can react more professionally, efficiently and compassionately when things go wrong. The peace of mind knowing that we have a detailed plan to refer to in the event of an emergency is invaluable."

Pete Brown, Operations Director, PEAK DMC