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"Dave provided end-to-end support evaluating and implementing a comprehensive approach to risk management and mitigation, including risk evaluation, vendor vetting processes, incident response protocols, and a substantial boost to our organizational response capacity. As a seasoned risk management professional, he brought a world of expertise to our work that would have been impossible to develop internally." 

Brent Watkins, Vice President of Program Operations

Resilient Solutions, LLC is the risk management and emergency response specialist in the the adventure travel, student travel, and recreation industries. 

Your customers seek new challenges and unique experiences through outdoor activities. They turn to you, the service provider, to deliver an experience that is both memorable and exciting but conducted safety. You know not to send your guides and guests on an adventure without appropriate safety gear, but are you taking the same precautions to protect your business?  

Resilient Solutions creates innovative and customized management systems to dramatically improve business resiliency. Our unbiased and strategic approach helps you identify exposure points within your business and throughout your supplier networks. We then develop effective solutions allowing you to avoid disasters and survive impacts. Our experience and dedication to a niche industry provides unequaled value in strengthening functionality, protecting investments, and safeguarding people.